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Q. With several different type exercise wheel on the market, why should I choose a StealthWheel?

A. Here at the "zoo" we not only make wheels, we are also animal lovers. Like most of you, we've used several type of running wheels in the past, but none completely met our needs. Some quickly wore out, some were noisy, and some were hard to clean. We designed the StealthWheel to give you, the consumer another option.

Q. Will it fit through my cage doors?

A. Each wheel is a slightly different size. You should check the description of the wheel you are interested in for the dimensions to make sure that the wheel will fit in your cage and through your doors.

NEW! Q. I saw a company advertise a wheel that bounces. Do you plan to sell a similar one?

A. No we will not for two reasons. First a wheel that bounces is a defective wheel. There hasn't been any long term testing on a wheel that is runs unevenly, so there isn't any way of knowing how that unevenness will affect the ball bearing. However we DO know that many Stealth Wheels have lasted for years. And some of our original test wheels are still in use since 2004.
Second, an animal doesn't seem to enjoy running in a lopsided wheel any more than running in one that runs smoothly and evenly. So what would be the benefit of selling a wheel that isn't perfect? Our expert craftsmen pride themselves on mounting our ball bearing and axle as close to center as possible. We feel that the wheel you purchase from us should be as close to perfect as human hands can make it.

Our flying squirrel Bullet

doing tricks at 3 months old

NEW! Q. Is there any plan to put therapeutic magnets in Stealths?

A. We always have your animal's safety and well being in mind when we develop our products. Placing an object on the wheel, such as a magnet, that has the potential to come loose and become a projectile causes serious safety concerns. Also research tells us that the scientific medical community disputes the belief that static magnets have any therapeutic benefits. So we have no plan on including magnets on our wheels at this time.

Q. What is the difference between the Stainless Steel hardware and the Zinc Plated hardware?

A. Some people prefer Stainless Steel for its quality, durability and superior rust resistance. But due to the expense of Stainless some choose Zinc plated hardware. History shows that electroplated zinc, due to its hardness, has proven safe for animals. However the softer hot dipped zinc process does have adverse affects on some birds and animals when ingested.

Q. Is the net safe for my pet's feet?

A. Yes, the net is perfectly safe. The holes in the net are small enough that even a young animal's feet won't slip through. Yet the holes are large enough that waste products fall right through. This keeps your pets running surface cleaner.

Q. Why is it important that you don't use glue in your wheels?

A. We don't feel that glues are safe around many animals that like to chew. Also early in our R&D process, we discovered that glues won't make a permanent bond with plastics. Plastic is a non-porous petroleum product. Glues need a surface with more tooth to bond properly. Some glues pop off the plastic quickly while others last weeks or months. We take the safety of your pet seriously. Too seriously to market a product that might come apart while your pet is using it.

Q. How do I clean my StealthWheel?

A. Because of extreme temperatures and chemicals, we do not recommend putting your StealthWheel in a dishwasher. You can however, hose it off, spray non toxic cleaning fluids on it, or give it a brief soak in a tub of water.


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